Steve was first introduced to photography in his early teens by his father. Starting with a manual film camera and black and white film, Steve learned from his father about the fundamentals. Learning included all the steps from developing the film to making prints in the darkroom they built together.

After getting the basics Steve took pictures for the school newspaper, the school yearbook and he also worked for the Kanata Standard (now known as "Kanata Kourier-Standard") as a volunteer photographer. Seeing his picture on the front page of the paper was an important milestone that he'd never forget.

By the time he started university, photography took a back seat to studies and then focussed on establishing a career. It wasn't until a trip to Arizona that the photography bug bit again. While this trip was taken on film, digital SLRs had hit the scene and with a background in technology Steve switched over and quickly adapted.

Since getting back into photography, Steve keeps a camera handy for most adventures and trips and has been published in various media such as:

  • Ottawa Citizen (local newspaper)
  • Ottawa Outdoors (local magazine)
  • CBC.CA Website
  • Windsurfing Magazine (US-based international Magazine)
  • Kiteboarding UK (British Kitesurfing Magazine)
  • Various federal government publications